Joycelyn anthony

Hello ‼️ I’m scheduling a maternity shoot. This will be me and my boyfriends first baby 😁 , I’m having a boy and I’m OVERLY excited to be shooting with you guys . I’m doing 3 looks for my shoot .
The first one I would like to do a black and white photo shoot very intimate since we will have on little to no clothes , He’s going to have on long black jeans no shirt, I’ll be wearing a black jean jacket with nothing under it besides underwear.
The second shoot I’ll be having on the royal blue maternity dress that you guys are providing and he will be in all white, I’m not to sure on what I want the vision to be but something with flowers and beautiful to match the nature of the maternity dress .
The third shoot is more of a classy look I’ll be in a deep suede brown long dress and he will be in slacks and a turtle neck, a elegant background something tan because my dress is really really brown .

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