Joycelyn Anthony

Hello my name is Joycelyn & I’m booking a maternity shoot . I’m excited to work with you guys ,your work is amazing . this is me and my boyfriend first Child & we’re having a baby boy . I would like to do 3 different looks .
1- A black and white look , I would have on a black jean jacket with nothing under it but I would have on panties . For him he would have on black jeans with no shirt . I would like to capture the belly and the intimacy between us because we Won’t be having on many clothes .
2- I would be using one of the outfits you guys provide the blue extravagant ruffled robe. & for him he would have on all white , the linen look , Im not to sure on the background but flowers or something blue would be nice I’m open to what you guys suggest . I would like to capture just the beauty of it being a blue & the all blue like a fairy tale maybe butterflies just a dreamy look .
3 – A first time parents grown look if that makes sense . I would have on a brown dress with black heels on . He would have on a black turtle neck with some brown , black & khaki slacks .

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